The New York Symphonic Jazz Orchestra is a 33-person orchestra dedicated to play new music where the boundaries between world music, classical, jazz and popular styles are blurred.

Featuring many of NY's finest jazz musicians, the orchestra consists of a big band and a string orchestra combined.

The New York Symphonic Jazz Orchestra was formed to give opportunities to jazz composers who wish to expand their writing beyond the big band.

A classical and ethnic percussion section as well as a string section have been added to a big band, taking advantage of the growing number of excellent improvising string players in the New York area.

A variety of composers’ works are presented at each performance under the musical direction of Sonia Jacobsen.

Our goals are to:

a) Encourage innovative new orchestral music where the boundaries between Classical, Jazz and diverse World Music influences are blurred.

b) Provide opportunities for jazz string players to play orchestral jazz.

c) Provide opportunities for jazz composers – students, emerging and professionals – through reading sessions, workshops, competitions, commissions, as well as to perform and record with special guest soloists.

To contact the New York Symphonic Jazz Orchestra,
email our musical director
Sonia Jacobsen:
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